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Adobe InDesign Level 2 (Creating Printed Content)

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Adobe InDesign Level 2 - Advanced document skills and Interactive PDFs

Suitable for versions CC / CS

This 1-day course will quickly get you up to speed fully-utilising InDesign to a professional level.

This course will show users familiar with InDesign all the extra skills and techniques for optimal workflow and the most sophisticated results.

You will learn how to get the most out of InDesign, break any bad habits, learn shortcuts and discover a massive range of hints and tips from our expert InDesign trainers.


You must have completed our InDesign Level 1 course OR already have a good comprehensive working understanding of Document setup, Masters, Paragraph and Character Styles and Layers.

Delegates will learn the quickest, most organised and efficient way to create page layout and designs for professional publications. Delegates will also learn to use next-level style and text techniques for the most sophisticated results. Our trainers will share an array of shortcuts and tips to speed up workflow and create beautiful impressive designs.

The Interface


Customise your workspace



Review of Master Pages Basics

Creating child masters


Creating Tables

Editing tables

Running headers and footers

Formatting Text within a Table

Using Graphics within Tables


Styles for Tables

Creating and Applying Table and Cell Styles


Laying out Objects

Arranging, aligning and distributing

Using the Align panel

Selecting, arranging and grouping objects

Working with the Gap tool

Using Gridify


Import Modify Graphics

Parent and Child items

Updating Revised Graphics

Comparing Vector and Bitmap Graphics

Adding Graphics from other Programs

Image import options

Managing Links to Imported files

Choosing which text frames are affected by text wraps

Anchoring objects

Sizing images with Auto-fit

Importing options

Down-sampling images for Adobe PDF

Different file formats


Working with shapes

Using Live Corner effects

Creating custom shapes

Creating compound paths


Transforming objects

Transforming objects



Handling missing fonts

The Font Favourites feature

Using the Content Indicator


Text layout

The Auto-Fit text function


Editing Text

Using Find/Change

Advanced Find/Change options

Using the Spell Checker

Adding copy breaks

Tracking text changes

Using the Info panel

Using the Story Editor



Creating a Spot Colour

Exchange swatches



Apply transparency. Remove transparency.

Creating drop shadows

Using the Effects panel to control transparency

A look at Blending modes

Understanding Transparency Flattener Presets

The Flattener Preview panels

Importing and colourizing a grayscale image

Applying transparency settings

Guidelines for successful output


Exporting and printing

Using pre-defined PDF presets

Creating custom PDF presets

Producing PDF files for a high-resolution composite workflow


Print Booklet

Print a folding double-sided booklet


Interactive Form in a PDF

Interactive Form in a PDF


Long Documents and Books

InDesign book files; Creating a Book

Sections and numbering

Synchronise text

Nested and object styles

Footnotes and endnotes

Creating a running footer



TOC & Index

Creating an Automatic Table of Contents and Index page


Interactive PDF

Creating digital content for desktop, phone and tablet

Interactive PDF

Publish online

Publish preferences


Create Adobe PDF file for Print

Creating an Adobe PDF Proof

PDF/X-1a for global distribution

Understanding the trim, art and bleed boxes

Prepare PDF files for web distribution


Exporting and printing

Live Preflighting Files

Anticipating potential problems

Creating custom Preflight Profiles

Saving and loading Preflight Profiles

Printing a laser or inkjet Proof

Export PDF files for printing

Packaging Files

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