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Adobe Final Cut

Suitable for versions CC / CS

Whether you are a new user or have been using Final Cut for years, this course will vastly increase your understanding of Final Cut. Existing users will learn how to get the most out of Final Cut, break any bad habits, learn shortcuts and discover a massive range of hints and tips from our expert Final Cut trainers.

This course is designed for new or existing basic users of Adobe Premier, iMovie and Final Cut Pro
This is the ideal course for those looking to get started in Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is an industry ready video editing application that makes it possible for both beginners and seasoned editors to achieve stunning results. We will teach you to perform essential editing functions while becoming familiar with the user interface, get you starting with basic video editing techniques and working all the way up to the powerful advanced features in Final Cut.

Getting Started


  • Viewing and creating projects
  • Importing and organizing content
  • Working in the Project Library
  • Viewing projects in the Timeline      


Organizing clips in an Event


  • Adding keywords to clips
  • Adding multiple keywords to clips
  • Applying keywords to a clip range
  • Rating, sorting and searching clips
  • Creating Smart Collections


Creating a rough cut


  • Creating a new project
  • Screening and marking clips
  • Appending clips in the Timeline
  • Viewing and arranging clips in the Magnetic Timeline
  • Inserting clips into the primary storyline
  • Adding markers to a project
  • Overwriting and replacing clips


Applying transitions


  • Preparing for transitions
  • Applying a video transition
  • Using the Transitions Browser
  • Modifying transitions
  • Changing transition parameters in the Inspector
  • Adding transitions to other storylines
  • Compound clips, and exploring audio transitions




Working with sound


  • Adjusting audio in the Timeline
  • Adding music and sound effects
  • Adjusting levels in the Audio Inspector
  • Creating audio fades
  • Recording a narration track
  • Correcting problem audio


Working with Titles, Generators and Themes


  • Using the Titles Browser
  • Modifying Titles
  • Adding bumpers and credits
  • Working with Video Generators
  • Using themes


Applying effects and enhancing colour

  • Applying video effects
  • Modifying effect parameters
  • Applying audio effects
  • Enhancing colour in Final Cut Pro          


Exporting and sharing your project


  • Preparing a project for exporting and sharing
  • Publishing to Apple devices
  • Publishing to video sharing sites
  • Exporting for Blue-Ray disc, DVD or disk image