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Live Virtual Classroom Courses

Join our tutor-led real-time classroom courses from anywhere.


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Small class sizes of only virtual learners


Unlike some virtual classrooms, our virtual learners are not being added into an actual classroom with physical attendees. Instead our virtual classrooms only contain fellow virtual learners experiencing the same virtual conditions. This helps the tutor to give 100% of their attention to their virtual learners.


Our class sizes are limited to a maximum of 8 delegates per class. This allows our tutors to provide the same personal individual attention to each delegate as they would in our physical classrooms.





Join a real-time class


Our live courses are run exactly the same as our normal courses:


  • Same start / finish time with breaks

  • Instructor-led in real-time

  • Delegates are personally involved in tasks and exercises


Ask questions and join in class discussions


Delegates are encouraged to get involved and ask questions throughout the class.

This can be done simply by speaking into your microphone, or if you wish using instant text message.



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Record your course


Delegates have the option to record their entire course. This will help when revising the material after the course.





Tutors trained in delivering virtual lessons


Our tutors are expertly trained to deliver their courses online. They will deliver live voice, video, screen demonstrations, and whiteboard notes using professional-level broadcasting equipment.

They can also see each delegates screen in order to provide real-time feedback.



Face to face interpersonal communication


Delegates have the option to join using their webcam. This helps the tutor deliver effective personal instruction.

Being able to see fellow learners in the virtual classroom also helps to create an inclusive engaging fun learning environment.



Training pack and delegate dashboard


Delegates will have access to their own dashboard including features such as:


  • Download full training pack including manuals, course notes, exercise files, demonstrations files and more

  • Provide feedback and evaluations of their course experience

  • Access 12 months support from their tutor

  • Download their course certificates



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