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Adobe Photoshop Level 2

Suitable for versions CC / CS

This course is designed to improve your already existing Photoshop knowledge and skills. You will learn some advanced techniques to enhance your images and speed up your workflow. You will also familiarise yourself with countless tricks and shortcuts to help improve your production.

This course is designed for existing users of Adobe Photoshop who have an understanding of the topics in Photoshop Level 1.
For those who already have a basic understanding of how Photoshop works and are now willing to explore some of the more adventurous features of the application. Industry standards, techniques and tricks will be covered giving you a fuller understanding of this dominant creative software.


Masking and Clipping Layers
  • Erase a Background from Behind Complex Foreground Detail
  • Edit a Selection by Painting a Quick Mask Overlay
  • Save and Edit a Selection in an Alpha Channel
  • Create, View, and Edit a Layer Mask
  • Make Areas Within a Layer Semi-Transparent
  • Clip a Layer to the Shape of Another

Masking with Vector Paths
  • Create Vector Paths
  • Edit Paths
  • Mask an Image with a Path

Working with Smart Objects

  • A Guide to Using your Channels
  • Creating Panoramic Images
  • Working with Multiple Layers
  • Using Textures and Imported Graphics
  • Design Page Layouts using Artboards
  • Creating Artwork for Print and Web
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Non-destructive transformations
Filling Image Areas  
  • Fill Image Areas with Swatch Colors
  • Create Gradients
  • Create Patterns

Creating Special Effects
  • Distort Editable Type
  • Create Layer Comps
  • Control Cropping Precisely
  • Restore Photographs
  • Simulate Painted Effects
  • Creating time-lapse videos and animated GIFs

Automating Tasks
  • Create an Action
  • Manage Action
  • Batch Processing
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