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C# Programming for the Absolute Beginner

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C# Programming for the Absolute Beginner

This course is designed for the new programmer, wishing to start a career in application/web development.

Many people realise that the easiest way to learn is by seeing and doing. This course takes this easy to follow approach, with lots of opportunity to practice, plenty of examples to verify your work, easy to follow explanations, and plenty of sample code to examine.

In no time at all, you can start writing simple programs of your own design, using one of the most vibrant and popular languages of today, C.

A massive 60%* discount for 3 or more delegates (see prices below)

*Standard daily delegate rate = £378, discounted rate for 3rd + delegates = £150

There are no prerequisites for this course, just enthusiasm.

Delegates will learn the core C# language. Stating with variables, how to create and use them effectively, and the different types of data available to the developer. Then the Delegates will start to build C# programs using constructs such as if statements and loops. Delegates will then explore the structure of a C# application by creating methods and calling them when needed. Delegates will then create reusable classes to hold methods and provide the back end code for an application.

Your First Program

Course Overview

What is .NET

The Programming Environment

Basic .NET coding

Running a Program in Visual Studio


What is a variable

Naming conventions

Data Types

Numeric Data Types Variables and Math

Obtaining User Input


What if?

Providing and Alternative

Checking Multiple Possibilities

Time to switch


Safe Loops

Unsafe Loops

Controlling Loop Flow

Loops within Loops

Running Programs


Building Solutions

Running the Application



What is an Array

The use of Arrays

Multidimensional Arrays

Using Strings

An overview of Strings

Escape Sequences


String Data Types

String Manipulation

Introduction to Methods


Return Value



Boxing and Unboxing

Generic List

Hash Tables

More on Methods


Passing by Value vs by Reference

The Out Keyword

Parameter Arrays



Constructor and Structures


Class Methods

Handling Exceptions

Try your code

Catch an Exception

Catching Specific Exceptions


Throwing Exceptions

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Group discount
1 place £ 1890 n/a
2 places £ 3780 n/a
3 places £ 5670 £ 4530
4 places £ 7560 £ 5280
5 places £ 9450 £ 6030
6 places £ 11340 £ 6780
7 places £ 13230 £ 7530
8 places £ 15120 £ 8280