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Introducing HTML5 and CSS3 - 2 Day Course

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Introducing HTML5 and CSS3

This course is designed to teach you how to design and deploy responsive, mobile friendly web pages using the building blocks of the web, HTML and CSS. You will learn all the key fundamentals of HTML and CSS and more. You will be introduced to the many free, open source tools used to build and maintain websites.

A massive 67%* discount for 3 or more delegates (see prices below)

*Standard daily delegate rate = £450, discounted rate for 3rd + delegates = £150

No previous experience is required to attend this course. We will start with a blank page and gradually build a modern, responsive design suitable for all of today’s many mobile and desktop devices.

Whether you use a high-end authoring application like Dreamweaver, or, in the most economical fashion, you write your own code out in a text file, knowing your way around HTML comes in handy. Our HTML Introduction course will teach you what you need to know quickly.

This course covers the latest specifications of HTML 5 set by the World Wide Web Consortium, from the most basic tags that place text, images and links on the page to more complex ones that set up tables, frames or forms.

As with all our courses, this course features clear and concise instructions side-by-side with hands on exercises that show both the source code and the resulting effect on the Web page.

Introduction to HTML5

  • A Basic HTML5 Template           
  • Defining the Page’s Structure with HTML5
  • Introducing HTML5 Elements     
  • Introducing HTML5 Attributes


Introduction to CSS3

  • Styling the HTML Template
  • CSS3 Selectors
  • CSS3 Properties


Common HTML Elements

  • Typographical HTML Elements
  • Interactive HTML Elements
  • Layout HTML Elements


Embedding Images in Web Pages

  • Supported Formats
  • Embedding and Styling Images


HTML5 Forms 

  • HTML5 New Form Input Types  
  • Additional New Form Controls in HTML5


HTML5 Video and Audio

  • Video Formats
  • <video> Element
  • <audio> Element


Extended Features of CSS3

  • New Pseudo-classes
  • Pseudo-elements and Generated Content
  • CSS3 Colors and Opacity
  • Rounded Corners
  • Shadows
  • CSS3 Gradients and Multiple Backgrounds
  • CSS3 Transforms
  • CSS3 Transitions
  • CSS3 Animations


Embedding Web Fonts with @font-face

  • Where to Get Fonts
  • Declaring Fonts in CSS
  • Applying Fonts to HTML Elements
  • Using Font Symbols


Multicolumn Layouts

  • Controlling Columns with CSS3
  • Creating Columns with HTML


Displaying Data in HTML Tables

  • Creating an HTML Table
  • Styling HTML Tables


Designing Responsive Pages

  • Why Responsive?
  • When to Use Relative Units of Measurement
  • Testing Pages on Different Devices


Media Queries

  • Defining Alternative Presentations for Different Devices


Background Compatibility with Older Browsers

  • Overview of Browser Capabilities
  • What About Old IE?
  • Introduction to Modernizr


Advanced Capabilities of the Modern Browser

  • SVG Graphics
  • The <canvas> Element
  • Geolocation


Common Frameworks

  • Introducing Bootstrap
  • Introducing jQuery
  • Introducing Foundation


Introduction to Offline Web Apps

  • Storing Data Within the Browser
  • Caching Assets for Offline Use
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