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Adobe Dreamweaver Level 1

Suitable for versions CC / CS

Whether you are a new user or have been using Dreamweaver for years, this course will vastly increase your understanding of Dreamweaver to create and maintain professional websites.

This course is designed for new or existing basic users of Adobe Dreamweaver. No previous web design knowledge is required.


This course is designed for new and existing users of Dreamweaver. The course is aimed at those people who will be designing a new website or maintaining an existing site. Delegates will create from scratch a fully functional responsive professional site, and then learn how to publish the site and optimise it for search engines.


Website design principles
  • Simple guide to how websites work
  • Responsive web design for mobiles and tablets
  • Elements of a successful website
  • Planning and design stage
  • Prioritising content
  • What not to do
  • How to attract visitors
  • Proofreading
  • How to effectively check all links
  • Choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Getting a domain name
  • Search Engine Optimisation Techniques (SEO)

Dreamweaver Workspace
  • Working with Dreamweaver CC new features
  • How to make the most of version CC

Planning and building
  • Dreamweaver work area
  • Defining a local site
  • Creating and editing pages
  • Formatting pages
  • Design, code and split views
  • Panels and floating panels
  • Properties Inspector
  • Context menus

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Understanding CSS
  • Using Div tags in HTML5
  • Understanding CSS classes
  • Creating CSS rules
  • External Vs internal CSS
  • Working with the CSS Designer

Working with Images
  • Image file formats GIF, JPEG and PNG
  • Adding graphics to a page
  • Image properties
  • Configuring images
  • Background images
  • Page colours
  • Alt Tags

  • Internal and external hyperlinks
  • E-mail links and named anchors
  • Changing the colour of links
  • Creating CSS a:link and a:hover styles
  • Graphical hyperlinks

Tables and Layers
  • Creating Tables
  • Table and cell properties
  • Inserting rows and columns
  • Spanning columns and rows
Responsive Bootstrap Framework  
  • Designing for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles
  • Media Queries
  • Setting up a new Bootstrap site
  • Using a pre-built layout
  • Adding a responsive navigation menu
  • Forcing an image to respond to different screen sizes
  • Automatically adjusting site from portrait to landscape

Text and Lists
  • HTML Vs CSS text formatting
  • Creating CSS styles for text
  • Creating lists and indents

  • Working with templates
  • Creating and applying a template
  • Inserting Editable Regions
  • Modifying a template

Site Management
  • Asset management and the assets panel
  • Removing and renaming sites
  • Checking links
  • Fixing a broken link
  • Browser compatibility checks
  • Using Find and Replace for the entire site

Publishing your website
  • Uploading with FTP
  • Adding a server
  • Get & Put
  • Locking & Unlocking Files
  • Checking In & Out
  • Synchronising a site
  • Maintain an existing site
  • Choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Understanding SEO
  • Applying SEO to a site
  • Ranking in Google
  • Using Google Analytics
  • Other search engines
  • Social Media
  • Optimising for use on devices- smart phones, ipads, tablets 
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