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This web development training course is suitable for those who wish to acquire initial web development knowledge as a first step into web development practices. This course is also suitable for individuals with a general web development interest.
This course provides a key introduction to essential web development languages. Your first step into web pages creation and maintenance. Course content will focus in HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the context of web development practices. Participants will experience how to create basic web pages with HTML, including basic structuring of page content, apply basic formatting styles using CSS and understanding JavaScript for basic interactivity.
  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Stages of Web Development
  • What is it HTML and how we use it
  • Creating a Basic Web Page
  • Insert content
  • Create a Basic Page Structure
  • HTML Formatting
  • Inserting images
  • Create hypertext Links
  • What is CSS and how we use it
  • Creating CSS styles
  • Basic formatting with CSS
  • What is JavaScript and how we use it
  • Benefits of JavaScript
  • Interactivity in HTML
  • Implement basic effects for your content
Prices below are for scheduled courses held in our Edinburgh Training Centre or Live Virtual Classroom. Major discounts available for onsite or private courses: click General Enquiry button below to enquire about private courses.
Group discount
1 place £ 355 n/a
2 places £ 710 n/a
3 places £ 1065 £ 965
4 places £ 1420 £ 1220
5 places £ 1775 £ 1475
6 places £ 2130 £ 1730
7 places £ 2485 £ 1985
8 places £ 2840 £ 2240