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IT for beginners 1/2 Day

This half day course is designed to give a gentle introduction to IT. It is aimed at people who have to use a PC for the first time, or who are not confident with using their PC, or anyone who needs to know the fundamentals of working with a PC.


The course is run as a private tailored day, therefore the course content can be designed specifically around an individual's specific skills and requirements.


No prerequisites required. This course is aimed at complete beginners.
This course will be tailored and can include any elements of the topics below.
Working in a Windows environment
  • Understanding Windows
  • Minimising, restoring and maximising
  • Opening programs
  • Working with the desktop
  • Understanding the Start menu
  • Finding things easily
  • Pinning items for shortcuts
  • Understanding the task-bar
  • Shutting down and restarting a PC
  • Troubleshooting

  • Saving
  • Save Vs Save as...
  • Understanding where things are stored
  • CDs, DVDs, Pen drives, USBs
  • Explaining hard drives
  • Making sense of networks
  • Creating folders
  • Moving, copying, deleting files / folders
  • Searching for files
  • Tips and tricks for user friendly file management
  • File sizes explained
  • Terminology explained

Understanding copy and paste
  • Understanding the clipboard
  • Copying to and from packages
  • Shortcuts
  • Quick keys
  • Paste options
  • Paste special

Simple Word Processing with Microsoft Word
  • Creating a document
  • Saving and opening
  • Typing a simple letter
  • Spell check
  • Very basic formatting
Simple spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel
  • What is a spreadsheet
  • Saving and opening
  • Creating basic lists
  • Adding a column of numbers
  • Tips and tricks
  • Basic formatting
  • Troubleshooting

  • Very user friendly explanation of how the Internet works
  • What is a website
  • Explaining browsers
  • Searching using Google
  • Favorites and history
  • Browsing a web-page
  • Filling in forms
  • Security and data privacy
  • Online shopping
  • Hints, tips and tricks

  • Web mail Vs PC mail
  • Using Microsoft Outlook
  • Sending, receiving, forwarding emails
  • Searching for emails
  • Sorting and filing emails
  • Attaching files
  • Deleted items
  • Sizes and restrictions
  • Using hotmail, gmail, or any other webmail
  • Security
  • Hints, tips and tricks