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Adobe InDesign Level 3 - Including Excel Data in Professional Catalogs

Suitable for versions CC / CS

This Advanced InDesign course specifically covers placing data from tables like Excel or Word and is ideal for people making publications with large amounts of excel data flowing through many linked tables across many pages; eg; Catalogues, Brochures, Reports, etc.

This course will make placing table-data simple, clear and easy by walking you through what can be a very complicated process. We cover everything from prepping the table data, setting up the InDesign document with the right Masters, layers and styles, placing and formatting the tables, how to allow new records in the tables to automatically appear in the InDesign publication, Creating Contents and Indexes using the syles, and finally exporting the finished publication.


You must have completed our InDesign Level 1 course OR already have a good comprehensive working understanding of Document setup, Masters, Paragraph and Character Styles and Layers.

By the end of the day you will be able to setup a professional-standard long document like a catalogue with linked and updatable tables from excel. You will be able to format in the quickest most efficient way and incorporate an automatic table of contents and index using advanced styles, and you will be able to output to print or web.

The Interface


Customise your workspace


Document setup and Masters refresher


Styles and Layers


Tables - review of basics

Editing tables

Running headers and footers

Formatting Text within a Table

Using Graphics within Tables

Styles for Tables

Creating and Applying Table and Cell Styles


Linked tables from Excel

Preparing the data for InDesign

preparing the master for a table

Setting up paragraph, Table and Cell Styles

Placing the linked data

Formatting the Table

Updating a linked InDesign table with new data from excel


Automatic Table of Contents and Index

Creating an Automatic TOC.

Creating an Index


Long Documents

Sections and numbering

Synchronise text

Nested and object styles

Document footnotes, cross references

Creating a running footer


Creating a Book

InDesign book files

Creating and managing book files and content


Create Adobe PDF file

Creating an Adobe PDF Proof

PDF/X-1a for global distribution

Understanding the trim, art and bleed boxes

Prepare PDF files for web distribution


Output and Exporting

Live Preflighting Files

Printing a laser or inkjet Proof

Export PDF files for printing

Packaging Files


Export to the Web

Adobe Publish online

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