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Microsoft Access Level 3

Suitable for versions 2016 / 2013 / 2010

This course will vastly increase your current understanding of Access.

This course is designed for delegates who have had training in and experienced use of Microsoft Access, and who therefore have a solid foundation in the Foundation and Intermediate skills.

Delegates will create complex Access databases by structuring existing data, writing advanced queries, working with macros, making effective use of forms and reports, and also by performing database maintenance.


Structuring Existing Data
  • Restructure the Data in a Table
  • Create a Junction Table
  • Improve the Table Structure

Writing Advanced Queries
  • Create Sub Queries
  • Create Unmatched and Duplicate Queries
  • Group and Summarise Records Using Criteria
  • Summarize Data Using a Crosstab Query
  • Create a Pivot Table and a Pivot Chart

Simplifying Tasks with Macros
  • Create a Macro
  • Attach a Macro
  • Restrict Records Using a Condition
  • Validate Data Using a Macro
  • Automate Data Entry Using a Macro

Creating Effective Reports
  • Include a Chart in a Report
  • Print Data in Columns
  • Cancel Printing of a Blank Report
  • Publish Reports as PDF
Maintaining an Access Database  
  • Manage & Control Database performance
  • Determine Object Dependency
  • Document a Database
  • Analyse the Database & its components

Splitting a Database
  • Creating front end / back end
  • Sharing across a network
  • Multiple users

Advanced Form
  • Sub Forms
  • Lookup Query in a form
  • Creating a welcome screen
  • Switchboards
  • Form navigation
  • Adding macros
  • Command buttons
  • Adding images
  • Using VBA code in buttons
  • Combo boxes
  • Calculated fields
  • Jump-to combo box
  • Event Procedures
  • Control Source