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Microsoft SharePoint for Site Owners

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Microsoft SharePoint for Site Owners

This course is designed for staff who plan to create or manage SharePoint sites.  This is a non-technical course ideal for users with little or no prior SharePoint experience.

Delegates will learn

  • Key benefits of SharePoint
  • How SharePoint fits into Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365
  • Plan multiple sites including understanding the difference between Communication, Team and Hub sites.
  • How to create, maintain, and manage SharePoint sites
  • Libraries and Lists
  • SharePoint permissions and sharing with people outside the organisation

Delegates will also learn how to access SharePoint from multiple devices, collaborate with team members, share and co-author documents, create and publish document libraries, team sites and shared calendars.

Aimed at organisations looking to roll-out SharePoint to all their staff, as well as individuals who would like to learn the benefits of SharePoint.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Delegates will learn:

  • Understand the organisational aims and advantages of using SharePoint
  • Understand SharePoint's role within Microsoft 365 and its relationship with all connected 365 products including Microsft Teams
  • Appreciate the role of a SharePoint Site Owner
  • Learn about assigning permissions to users and creating permission groups
  • Master the styling of a site
  • Comprehend hub sites and associated sites
  • Understand News Apps
  • Learn and discover Lists in sites
  • Work remotely across multiple devices
  • Link with Microsoft Teams / Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Collaborate on shared Office documents simultaneously with other team members
  • Understand document version control
  • Work with media libraries
  • Integration with Outlook and shared calanders
  • Link to Power BI Reports
  • Connect to OneDrive
  • Work with timelines on team project sites
  • Create / assign tasks to team members
  • Search effectively using Metadata


Introducing SharePoint

  • Why use SharePoint
  • Benefits and advantages
  • The role of an Owner
  • SharePoint Start Page
  • SharePoint Site Types
  • SharePoint and Teams integration
  • SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Groups

Accessing SharePoint

  • Signing in across multiple devices

Creating a new site from scratch

  • Teams sites Vs Communication sites
  • Templates and branding
  • Site settings
  • Permissions and membership
  • Styling
  • Editing site navigational elements including Quick Launch
  • Adding Libraries
  • Creating Lists
  • Adding pages
  • Editing pages
  • Events
  • Understanding News
  • Adding a tree structure
  • Adding Web Parts
  • Advanced settings


  • Creating permission groups
  • Understanding permission levels
  • Inherited permissions
  • Assigning permissions to end-users
  • Applying permissions to different elements of SharePoint

Document Library

  • Ading multiple libraries
  • Synchronising with devices
  • Check in / out
  • Version control

Hub Sites

  • Creating a Hub Site
  • The role of a hub site
  • Associating sites with a hub
  • Roll-up of content and search

Media Library

  • Pictures
  • Video

Sharing Microsoft Office documents

  • Uploading documents
  • Opening / editing via the web app
  • Opening / editing directly from Desktop Apps
  • Version control
  • Multiple user simultaneous authoring
  • Folders
  • Sharing / permissions
  • External sharing
  • Guest sharing
  • Sending invites

Searching using Metadata

  • Adding Metadata to files
  • Understanding keywords & Enterprise keywords
  • Enabling Enterprise keywords in manage site features
  • Understanding search architecture across sites
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