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Adobe InDesign Level 1 - Creating & Printing Documents

Suitable for versions CC / CS

Whether you are a new user or have been using InDesign for years, this course will vastly increase your understanding of InDesign. This course gives delegates a comprehensive grounding in the key skills, from creating a document from scratch, to placing text and images, and producing the final PDF.

Existing users will learn how to get the most out of InDesign, break any bad habits, learn shortcuts and discover a massive range of hints and tips from our expert InDesign trainers.

This course is designed for new or existing basic users of Adobe InDesign. No previous publications knowledge is required.
Delegates will learn the quickest, most organised and efficient way to create page layout and designs for professional publications. Delegates will also learn shortcuts and tips to speed up workflow and create attractive professional looking designs.

The workspace

Looking at the workspace

Changing the magnification of a document

Introduction to panels

Introduction to objects

Navigating in a document


About InDesign

Document setup and screen modes

Viewing the lesson document

Adjusting view quality


Document basics

Creating a new document


Adding text

Creating and editing objects

The preflight panel

Working with frames

Adjusting letter and word spacing



Creating and applying colours RGB vs CMYK

Create a custom swatch

Creating a tint

Working with gradients



Threading text in frames

Changing the number of columns in a frame

Allowing text to flow across columns

Working with layers

Creating and editing text frames

Adjusting vertical spacing

Changing fonts and type style

Changing paragraph alignment


Adding graphics

Creating and editing graphics frames

Removing image backgrounds

Images with clipping paths

Creating a new clipping path

Tolerance and threshold options



Adjusting path segments



Creating and applying paragraph styles

Creating and applying character styles

Creating and applying object styles

Based-on styles

Exchanging styles

Loading styles from other documents

Quick apply styles

Text wrap


Using the eyedropper tool


Pages and Set-up

Creating and Saving Custom Document Settings

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