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Adobe InDesign Level 2 (Creating Digital Content)

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Adobe InDesign Level 2 - eBooks, Interactive PDF, Publish Online, Apps and more.

Suitable for versions CC / CS

This is a one day course for those who have completed our InDesign Level 1 course, or people who have been traditionally outputting content from InDesign for print, and want to start using the exciting options for creating more lively, interactive and rich-media digital publications.


You must have completed our InDesign Level 1 course OR already have a good comprehensive working understanding of Document setup, Masters, Paragraph and Character Styles and Layers.

By the end of the day you will have a good overall understanding of the different formats so you can choose which to use for your purpose. You’ll be able to add all the rich-media and interactive elements, export and view them in reader apps. You will be ready start producing and distributing exciting engaging digital publications.

With the explosion of smartphones and tablets people are increasingly reading media digitally and enjoying rich-media and interactive elements; like video and audio, animations, slideshows, hyperlinks, interactive buttons and page turns.

This interactivity and rich-media is revolutionizing the reading and learning experience; livening-up learning materials and guides, marketing brochures, internal-communications and training guides, and enriching a whole range of ebooks (childrens books, novels, travel guides, how-to guides, cookery books, etc.) with videos, interactivity and animation.

Adobe InDesign has all the tools you need to create exciting new rich-media digital publications in all the main formats; EPUB, Interactive PDF, HTML5, SWF and more. There’s a whole array of apps for making digital publications, we’ll explain the many advantages of using InDesign and we’ll introduce Adobe publishing-industry-leading plugin for InDesign; Digital Publishing Suite, with which you can create tablet applications to deliver monetized publications to any device.

Unlike a website, digital publications are downloaded, stored and returned to. They can be sold as ebooks or distributed free and they’re usually better looking, more useful and more substantial than web pages or blog posts.  

On this mainly practical course we will teach you how to add video and audio, animations, slideshows, hyperlinks, cross references, interactive buttons and page turns to your publications. We will convert a print publication to the two epub formats; Reflowable and FXL and export them and view them on ebook readers.

We will cover the range of methods for distributing your finished digital publications, from emailing interactive PDFs or hosting them on your website, publishing online, producing apps for devices and selling ebooks through online stores like Amazon.

This is mainly a practical course but we will also cover the otherwise-confusing issue of formats, devices and file types. As a relatively new field there’s still a variety of digital publication formats and they don’t all support all the interactivity and rich-media, the devices they’re being viewed on come in many screen sizes and portrait and landscape orientation, there’s different apps for viewing the different formats on different devices and the apps don’t all support all the interactivity and rich media. On this course we will outline all these choices to help you decide which format is best for you to deliver the experience you want your users to have.

Basic Overview of Digital Publishing

Moving away from Linear reading

Digital Publishing Formats

What is an ePub

What is Interactive PDF

The differences between ePub, Mobi, Kindle format and PDF formats

Pros and Cons of PDF, ePub, Publish Online and DPS

Outputting for iPad, Kindle, etc.

InDesign Workflows

Keeping Up With It All


Interactive Tools

Types of Interactive Elements

Defining Hyperlinks

Creating Cross-References

Link to text anchors

Link to styled paragraphs

Creating a Table of Contents (TOC)

Working with Bookmarks


Creating a multistate object / Slideshow

Image sequences

Managing images in ePub

Setting metadata


Audio & video

Adding video to your eBook


Hyperlinks & Buttons

Creating Buttons

Creating PDF Forms

Converting an object to a button



Adding animation content

Animation Settings

Playing Animations

Previewing Animations


Layout Controls

Setting Page Sizes

Alternate layouts for smartphone, tablet and PC screen


Interactive PDFs

What can they do

What are the limitations

PDF Workflow

PDF navigation

Image Handling

Video in PDF

Export to Interactive PDF


Export to the Web

Adobe Publish online


Reflowable / ePub 2 & HTML Export

Understanding Reflowable ePubs

Creating Reading Order

Preparing Text

Preparing Graphics

Managing Document Pages

Export Options for Reflowable ePubs

Proofing and Validating ePubs

InDesign and HTML Export

Preparing Files for HTML Export

Export Options for HTML


Fixed Layout / ePub 3  - BASICS

Understanding Fixed Layout ePubs

Preparing Your InDesign File


Digital Publishing Suite

Tablet Apps

What is DPS ?


Export for Web Content

Export as HTML


Preflighting and Output

Missing fonts and files

ePub export options

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